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Crowned with Purpose

Unlocking Abundance

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Forge Your ​Path to ​Purposeful ​Wealth

Reclaim Your ​Divine ​Inheritance

Elevate Your ​Financial ​Destiny

$97 Value OFFERED FREE For a Limited Time Only


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Sunday June 23rd 5 PM CST

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Sunday June 23rd 5 PM CST

$97 Value OFFERED FREE For A Limited Time Only

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Your Crown Is Your ​Glory


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Elevate Your Financial ​Destiny

Take control of your financial future ​and elevate your destiny. Gain ​practical strategies, insights, and ​resources to build wealth and ​abundance in your life and ​business. Whether you're seeking ​financial freedom, prosperity, or ​stability, this webinar will equip you ​with the tools and mindset needed ​to achieve your financial goals and ​unlock new levels of success.



Reclaim Your Divine ​Inheritance

Discover the power within you to ​reclaim your divine inheritance. ​Uncover the gifts, talents, and ​purpose that have been ​bestowed upon you. Through ​guidance, support, and spiritual ​insight, learn to embrace your ​true identity and step into your ​God-given potential. Join us as ​we journey together towards ​reclaiming what is rightfully ​yours.

Forge Your Path to ​Purposeful Wealth

Chart your course towards ​purposeful wealth and fulfillment. ​Discover how to align your passion, ​purpose, and profit to create ​meaningful impact and abundance. ​Through intentional action, mindset ​shifts, and strategic planning, learn ​how to build a business that not only ​generates wealth but also makes a ​difference in the world. Join us as we ​empower you to forge a path that ​leads to both financial prosperity ​and personal fulfillment.

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Our Mission

At Kingdom Women Rising, our mission is to empower women business owners to become ​visionary leaders, driving success through collaboration, innovation, and a supportive ​community. We believe in fostering growth, resilience, and impactful change while providing ​unwavering support, networking opportunities, and mentorship. With a commitment to ​diversity, authenticity, and balance, we inspire confidence, ambition, and wealth creation, all ​while championing sustainability and flexibility in entrepreneurship. Together, we strive to ​create a world where every woman entrepreneur thrives, leaving a lasting legacy of ​empowerment and prosperity.

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WHO You Are Matters!

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DrFaye Pastor Coach

DrFaye's platforms cover a range of impactful topics, ​including The Impact of Christian Women ​Entrepreneurs in today's marketplace. Her signature ​talks, such as The Power of 15, The Pursuit of Purpose, ​Monetize Your Message, and How to Elevate Your ​Money Flow, provide practical insights and strategies ​for success. She is truly the Architect of an ​Empowered Leader.

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